Create a static website with Gatsby

React is great, but it’s quite overkill for most sites. Downloading the framework and the content too before anything shows up? That’s no good. Server rendering can help, but it’s tricky to set up and is prone to issues if it’s not kept on top of. Is there a way to get the composibility of React without any of the icky JS-only website stuff?

  • 02 December 2018

30 HTML, CSS and JS APIs

HTML doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s at the core of every page, site and application on the web but it’s often forgotten about.

  • 27 October 2018

JavaScript - What's new?

New things in JavaScript are popping up all the time. From frameworks to features, it never stands still. Keeping up is often a tricky and time-consuming process, but if we don’t keep up we risk not making the best product we can.

  • 27 August 2018

Develop reusable React components with Storybook

The best pieces of code are the ones that aren’t written. Making generic, reusable classes has been the key to good development for the longest time. The same goes for React and its component system. Make a generic <Button/> and build from there.

  • 12 August 2018

Creating a Feedback App with React and WebSockets

Web applications today are fast-moving, multi-user experiences. Things change all the time by people using the same resources. What happens if someone makes a change to a file someone else is also editing? The updates would need to be pushed out to everyone else involved.

  • 28 July 2018